Compare Product Editions

Not all Metasploit editions are created equally. Check out the table below to find out which features your edition includes. If there is a feature that you want to test out, you can download a trial version of Metasploit Pro or contact our sales team to find out more information.

Feature Pro Ultimate Express Community
Scan data import
Discovery scan
Manual exploitation
Data export
Nexpose scan integration
Session management
Credential management
Proxy pivot
Post-exploitation modules
Web interface
Session clean up
Evidence collection  
Audit Report  
Activity Report  
Compromised and Vulnerable Hosts Report  
Credentials Report  
Services Report  
Exploitation workflow  
Credentials reuse  
Anti-virus evasion  
IPS/IDS evasion  
Session rerun  
Task replay  
PCI Report    
FISMA Report    
Tagging data    
Quick PenTest Wizard    
Vulnerability Validation Wizard    
Phishing Wizard      
Web App Testing Wizard      
VPN pivoting      
Payload generator      
Post-exploitation macros      
Persistent sessions      
Team collaboration      
Social engineering      
Web app testing      
Task chains      
VPN pivoting      
Custom reporting      
Social Engineering Report      
Web Application Assessment Report      
Project Sonar integration      
Back up and restore